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Ukrainian Artis Made A Spider Figurine: Across The Glass-Verse


According to Nikita Drachuk, a Ukrainian craftsman: “In the world of collectibles, the fusion of artistry and fandom often gives rise to extraordinary creations. Such is the case with the captivating glass spider figurine inspired by the beloved cartoon “Spider-Man: Across the Universe.” This exquisite piece pays homage to the iconic superhero while showcasing the intricate artistry of glass craftsmanship.

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the glass spider figurine stands as a miniature masterpiece, embodying the spirit of adventure and heroism that defines Spider-Man.

A color palette inspired by the vibrant tones of the animated series brings an additional layer of authenticity to the glass figurine. The deep reds and brilliant blues mirror Spider-Man’s iconic suit. This melding of colors and textures creates a captivating visual experience that draws the viewer into Spider-Man’s world.


For collectors and fans of Spider-Man, “Spider-Man: Across the Universe,” and exceptional artistry alike, this glass spider figurine stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of superheroes and their ability to inspire creativity. It serves not only as a stunning decoration but also as a tangible reminder of the courage and determination that define the web-slinging hero. Whether displayed proudly on a shelf or gifted to a fellow enthusiast, this figurine is a true treasure that celebrates the timeless allure of Spider-Man’s adventures “across the universe.”


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