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Artist Hides Clever And Funny Signs Around His City For People To Find

Streets can get quite boring, I mean, we see them every day. The same sidewalks, the same crosswalks, and signs. However, there are certain ways that the places that we are bored of can become much more interesting and fun to explore.

That is proven by Australian artist Michael Pederson (previously featured). Michael creates all kinds of clever and funny street signs. The signs are often so tiny, they’re easy to miss. Or people just don’t notice them, let’s be honest—how often do we really look at signs? But when you do see these clever installations, they are bound to make your day much better and put a smile on your face.

Michael told Bored Panda about the main goal of his photos: “The main goal of my photography is to keep a record of my various ephemeral public projects and be able to share that with others.”

More: Michael Pederson, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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