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Finally, 2024 Calendar of Extremely Accurate Birds Is Here!


By popular demand of ornithology enthusiasts all around the world, artist Tommy Siegel has finally made a wildlife calendar of extremely accurate birds for 2024.

“This gorgeous and tasteful 2024 calendar features *all-new* illustrations of backyard birds, drawn as true-to-life as possible. A few years ago, I began drawing photorealistic, anatomically-accurate birds as a personal challenge to expand my artwork beyond cartooning — and I believe this calendar successfully dethrones last year’s calendar as the most anatomically-accurate collection of bird illustrations *ever* drawn! This 2024 calendar also includes information about these beautiful, titillating, and curvaceous birds, along with some of my observations as a birder. Please note: this edition of the calendar is back to being a Sunday-start calendar, by popular request!” – Tommy Siegel

More: Tommy Siegel, Instagram


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