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I Survived The “SHIT SHOW” 2020 Commemorative Coin is Here!

From Justin Heister, a Florida-based entrepreneur and artist, creator of outstanding Zero Fucks Coins, I Survived Coronavirus 2020 Coin, and I Don’t Give A Fuck Reminder Coin & No Fucks Coins – a large 39mm/1oz. coin commemorating surviving what can only be described as an absolute SHIT SHOW!

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If there is ONE THING every human can agree on, it’s that 2020 was an absolute shit show. While some bullshit continues to linger into 2021, we’d like to commemorate our specie’s survival the only way we know how; with a new, fun, 39mm 1oz. coin!

Each of the “SHIT SHOW” coins is 1.54″ (39mm) in diameter (approximately the same as a Silver Dollar) and .116″ thick (3mm), and weighs in at a solid 1oz. These coins are an extremely high quality mint and are akin to a traditional military challenge coin (noticeably larger and heavier than our other regular coins).

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