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Artist Sums Up Our Everyday Lives In These Humorous One-Panel Comics

Sometimes one image is enough to convey the message, especially when it comes to comics.

Dennis Goris is a designer, writer, and cartoonist who creates one-panel comics that deliver the important topics worldwide that most of us might’ve had the chance to get familiar with. Of course, his comics are not only for those who are interested to see the news of today’s world portrayed in humorous ways, no, his comics are also for those who would just like a good laugh, as Dennis also makes comics relating to our simple everyday lives.

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“I do a daily commentary on whatever is on my mind. Often it’s the news—especially during covid. Sometimes it’s seasonal — like holidays or Halloween. Other times it’s just an observation of the silliness I see in things. Sometimes I have a clear idea for a message at the start. Sometimes I just start drawing, and a message will emerge,” he told Bored Panda.

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