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This Dentist Makes Humorous And Wholesome Comics Based On Her Profession

Hearing the horrifying “little engine” in the dentist’s office can be quite a frightening experience, one that is sure to send a shiver down your spine. However, in some cases, people are so terrified of these professionals that they are unable to complete dental treatment at all.

The dentist and artist Adyna, who lives in Australia, decided to start making comics about what it’s like being a dentist. She started the comics as a way to relax and make humorous and wholesome comics based on her daily life.

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“I work as a dentist and have always loved illustrating and making up cute humor. I initially started getting ideas for comics while I was working and started drawing them and posting them on Instagram. My main reason for creating at the time was just for my own enjoyment and as a relaxing outlet for stress, and eventually, I started getting feedback from readers that it helped them with their fear of the dentist and that they enjoyed my content, which then became my inspiration,” artist told Bored Panda.

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