Colorful Nonsense: Paintings Of Everyday Life, Common People, And Insignificant Stuff But Elevated – Design You Trust

Colorful Nonsense: Paintings Of Everyday Life, Common People, And Insignificant Stuff But Elevated


Lisa Vaccino is an art director at an advertising agency in Malmö, Sweden. On Instagram, she goes by @fredagvaccino, which means “Friday Vaccino”. That’s because Friday is the day she dedicates to her passion: painting.

She decided to work only four days a week, so she could have one day off to do what she loves the most. She paints everyday life, common people, and insignificant stuff, but with a lot of color and elevation. She uses gouache, which she considers the best thing that has happened to her (besides her three kids).

She enjoys painting without anyone telling her what to do or how to change things, unlike her day job. She expresses her creativity and personality through her art.

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Fredagvaccino 154984084 763266574295543 2170983980718677437 N
Fredagvaccino 165414394 194137088875961 640481921013710109 N
Fredagvaccino 234577361 820812458620203 726822547704697631 N
Fredagvaccino 241151287 5078890022125211 5982021047466866940 N
Fredagvaccino 241400379 163573605881279 5450541651993280761 N
Fredagvaccino 246030308 127119766352273 850574214379829335 N
Fredagvaccino 248678620 123893840027246 7288523530494321706 N
Fredagvaccino 256921304 427992605368371 3816701047554536955 N
Fredagvaccino 269882270 652005452656385 2547696188058053577 N
Fredagvaccino 275767279 728168311925343 1398505287672747809 N
Fredagvaccino 280503686 724512365425898 3408240362264559398 N
Fredagvaccino 287027077 552915092959446 1071746649798544115 N
Fredagvaccino 302468058 1676923172679653 5185929452449953465 N
Fredagvaccino 308034133 821202602340842 1607915822546516238 N
Fredagvaccino 312113180 2942493092721219 1072152287206528589 N
Fredagvaccino 314714336 641026041020368 4810886612092757509 N
Fredagvaccino 315874905 659230022342488 1195857349093598035 N
Fredagvaccino 327161708 680903073717895 2003552949098211242 N
Fredagvaccino 329392604 577434117734120 3307359270892116315 N
Fredagvaccino 342889695 3426140177654347 952875646226018802 N
Fredagvaccino 346320295 776968917171612 6300475073837306333 N
Fredagvaccino 366463337 682563653687009 8149981207458209834 N
Fredagvaccino 372084946 1535125913907051 888616034805286175 N
Fredagvaccino 374676488 635506055055222 5275695414259193397 N
Fredagvaccino 387656896 1023900435527236 8195093200335927514 N
Fredagvaccino 396540711 1784142102034478 47234920191682200 N

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