Japanese Artist Paints Hyperrealistic Paintings That Are So Precise You Might Confuse Them With Photos – Design You Trust

Japanese Artist Paints Hyperrealistic Paintings That Are So Precise You Might Confuse Them With Photos

This time, I want to present an incredible gallery of pictures of… paintings. Although it might be hard to believe these were actually painted by a human hand, this is a true representation of the beauty and power of talent and hard work.

Japanese painter Kei Mieno creates painstakingly detailed and realistic paintings that can be easily mistaken for photographs. Let’s admit, the kinds of photographs not everyone would be able to take. Colors, lights, shadows, contrasts, texture—everything comes together to create incredibly lifelike artwork. The remarkably skillful artist, who celebrates his 36th birthday today, uses oil to bring his hyperrealistic ideas to life.

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