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“Family Portraits”: A Surreal and Melancholic Series by Inka and Niclas Lindergård

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Inka and Niclas Lindergård are a Swedish-Finnish artist duo who create art based on photography. They have been collaborating since 2007 and live in Stockholm, Sweden.

Their work explores the relationship between photography and nature, and how they shape our perception of reality. They use bright colours and optical effects to create utopian landscapes that challenge the viewers to question their own expectations and cultural assumptions. Their work is a portal to a hyperreal world of beauty, kitsch and visual desire, expressed through the language of photography.

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The duo’s work reflects on how we experience nature in the digital age, both through travelling to exotic places and through consuming images of nature on various devices. They use photography as a tool to capture and manipulate nature, and to affirm their own existence. Their work is a critique and a celebration of the photographic medium and its role in constructing our vision of nature.

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In “Family Portraits,” Inka and Niclas and their two kids take selfies in scenic locations. They wear reflective suits that make them glow and hide their faces from the camera. The work explores the modern practice of travelling and photographing – the need to prove that we were there. It also examines how we view and consume nature through images, and how the camera creates a magical moment of capturing light.

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