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The Impressive Surreal Body-Painted Illusions of Hikaru Cho

Hikaru Cho is a Tokyo-based body painter who specializes in surreal body art created using a combination of body paint and makeup.

Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho may only be 27-years-old, but she is already one of the most highly regarded body painters in the world, having worked with big brands like Samsung or Shiseido, and organizations like Amnesty International, among others. A graduate of Musashino Art University, Cho is one of the world’s most promising young body painters, and if her work so far is any indication, there’s a lot of impressive stuff to look forward to in the future.

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Cho has been painting ever since she was a little girl, and while it’s not clear when she became fascinated with body painting and optical illusions, it’s clear that she became a master of them along the way. From extra pairs of eyes painted on her own body of those of other models, to disturbing “holes” in the skin and seemingly missing body parts, Hikaru Cho has a very impressive portfolio.

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