Large Scale Surreal Architectural Collages By Anastasia Savinova


Anastasia Savinova is a russian-born visual artist currently living and working in Sweden whose background in architectural studies has led her to create these intriguing large scale collages.


“In this project I try to identify differences and to find similarities between places of habitation.”, says Anastasia.


Each collage is comprised of layer upon layer of photographs shot in various European capitals. The series is titled “Genius Loci”, which according to the Romans was a protective spirit of a dwelling, takes on a more contemporary meaning which refers to a location’s distinctive atmosphere.


“Travelling around cities and countries, I take pictures of buildings, look into windows sneakily, go to local shops, flea markets and bars, watch everyday life – all this helps to build the feeling of the Place.”


Savinovas’s crisply composed collages are more than a medium of contrasting doors, windows, and roof lines, they explore the structure of life in their connection with the land and the spirit of the place.


“A Big house on each collage is composed of many buildings, which are typical for a particular country or city, in their connection with the land and the spirit of the Place.”

h/t: strictlypaper


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