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This Artist Can Sneak Her Cats Into Any Painting And It’s Hilarious

Few would argue if we said that pets are an endless source of joy and happiness in our lives. Therefore, there is no surprise people are trying to immortalize them in every way possible.

This Aussie painter, Vanessa Stockard, found the best way to do that by sneaking her three adorable cats, Kevin The Kittin, his mom Fluff Ferstenberg and the head of the adorable fluff family, Satan, into her paintings.

More: Vanessa Stockard h/t: boredpanda

Stockard’s process includes pieces developed without visual reference but rather from memory. These narratives incorporate domestic pets such as cats and dogs, juxtaposing the anthropomorphic nature of these animals are given by society, she infuses the personification of virtue and vice into the everyday canine and feline status quo.

Cats with their fluffy comical exteriors yet instinctual urge to kill and a tendency to be cruel to their prey, dogs with their providence of happiness and friendship flung back to Churchill’s metaphor for depression. Despite this not-so -cheerful description of her works, Stockard manages to make her art somehow quirky and very enjoyable!

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