Colorful, Creative Posters That Teach You About Affordability In Large Cities


“Often, data & numbers can be boring. Creating simple creative content to pair up with data isn’t as easy as it seems! I was challenged with just that when I was commissioned by Youthful Cities to create a poster series to elevate information.” – said Dorota Pankowska to Bored Panda.


“The posters rank large cities based on how affordable it is to purchase a certain item or service in comparison to the city’s minimum wage. Check out the Youthful Cities website for more information.”


“I created these posters using all sorts of objects & tools. I cut out the piggy bank slot from the egg using an X-ACTO knife. I created the toothpaste out of Sculpey and then baked & painted it. I created the tiny “for rent” sign for the Monopoly house using tiny popsicle stick splinters, and then added white thread & paper.”

h/t: bored panda

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