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Exploring the Concept of Historical Figures Taking Selfies with Modern Mobile Phones

Martin Luther King Jr.
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Ever thought about how historical figures would have used our modern mobile phones? Would they have been selfie enthusiasts? Graphic designer Jyo John Mulloor (previously featured) explored this fascinating concept by blending AI and Photoshop to create an enthralling series of images featuring famous figures taking selfies.

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Neil Armstrong
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The likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Neil Armstrong, and William Shakespeare have been reimagined in a contemporary setting, giving us a glimpse into what they might have looked like had they captured a selfie during their era. Take a look at some of Jyo’s most captivating depictions below and witness history in a completely new way.

William Shakespeare
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According to Jyo, “While going through my old hard drive, I came across a treasure trove of memories in the form of selfies sent to me by friends from my past. I painstakingly restored each one using Photoshop, reliving cherished moments and rekindling old friendships.”

Jesus And His 12 Apostles
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (3)

Albert Einstein
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (4)

Genghis Khan
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (5)

Charlie Chaplin
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (6)

Elvis Presley
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (7)

Bob Marley
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (8)

Mother Teresa
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (9)

Marilyn Monroe
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (10)

Julius Caesar
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (11)

King Arthur
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (12)

Robin Hood
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (13)

Abraham Lincoln
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (14)

Nikola Tesla
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (15)

Mahatma Gandhi
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (16)

Dana Wynter
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (17)

Nelson Mandela
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (18)

Winston Churchill
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (19)

Alexander The Great
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (20)

John F. Kennedy
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