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Surrealistic Fantasy and Metamorphosis in Tomasz Kopera’s Amazing Art


Tomasz Alen Kopera is a Polish artist who seamlessly blends the worlds of dreams and reality. His paintings are a vivid depiction of human emotions, nature, and the cosmos intertwined in a surrealistic fantasy that captivates the viewer.

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A021 140x90cm Oil On Canvas 2021

“In my work I try to reach to the subconscious. I want to keep the viewer’s attention for a longer moment. I would like the spectator to feel the need for a minute of quiet reflection and contemplation.”

A023 45x35cm Oil On Canvas 2023

His paintings frequently feature human figures intertwined with natural elements, resulting in a surrealistic landscape that blurs the line between reality and the dream world. His figures are frequently depicted in metamorphosis, symbolizing the constant change and evolution of human consciousness.

B021 Oil On Board 50x40cm 2020
B022 105x65cm Olej Na Plotnie 2022
B023 30x24cm Oil On Board 2023
C020 Sda Scaled E1655907960360
C021 Oil On Canvas 90x80cm 2021
C022 140x100cm Oil On Canvas 2022 1700
D020 140x100cm Oil On Canvas 2020
D022 140x100cm Oil On Canvas 2022
Death And The Woodcutter 90x70cm Oil On Canvas 2020s
Du123 40x30cm Oil On Canvas 2023
Du223 40x30cm Oil On Canvas 2023 1
E19 100x140cm Oil On Canvas 2019
E023 92x71cm Oil On Canvas 2023 1700pxl
Ex01 140x90cm Oil On Canvas 2020 Web
Ex03 70x60cm Oil On Canvas 2020
Ex04 90x80cm Oil On Canvas 2021 1700 90dpi
Ex05 70x50cm Olej Na Plotnie 2021 Web
Ex06 100x120cm Oil On Canvas 2021 1700px
Ex07 36x55in Oil On Canvas 2021 1700px
Ex08 140x100cm Oil On Canvas 2021 1700px
F19 45x35cm Oil On Canvas 2019
F020 24x16in Oil On Canvas 2020
G19 30x40in Oil On Canvas 2019web
H020 28x34in Oil On Canvas 2020
J19 70x60cm Oil On Canvas 2019
K19 Colour 140x90cm Oil On Canvas 2019
L19 Colour 105x65cm Oil On Canvas 2019
Mg01 110x90cm Oil On Canvas 2019 Web
Mg03 110x90cm Oil On Canvas 2019
Mg04 80x90cm Oil In Canvas 2020
Ra021 Olej Na Plotnie 140x90cm 2021 1700px
The Oak And The Reed 90x70cm Oil On Canvas 2020s
The Wolf And The Lamb 70x90cm Oil On Canvas 2019
Tr6 22x16cm Oil On Canvas 2019s
Ut023 50x40cm Oil On Canvas 2023 1700px
Wosp01 50x30cm Oil On Canvas 2021
Wosp02oczko Wodne 30x24cm Oil On Board 2022
Wosp03 30x24cm Oil On Board 2022
Wosp04 30x20cm Oil On Canvas 2023

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