KangHee Kim’s Images Are As Satisfying To Create As They Are To Look At

Photographs by KangHee Kim are known in corners all over the internet. Instantly satisfying but including something just-not-quite-right, her crafted images have garnered a huge following, always stopping people whilst scrolling through feeds.

At a basic level, it would be easy to describe KangHee’s work as easily digestible images that make you ask “how did she do that?!” before moving onto the next. But for the photographer, making work is a process to keep her calm, the action of meticulously crafting these images together is as satisfying for KangHee as it is for someone looking at them.

Born in Seoul but now based in the States, “My visa situation (DACA) hasn’t been solved, and the government is in the middle of taking an action for DACA recipients,” the photographer explains when asked what’s been playing on her mind. “It’s all up in the air for a long time. I’ve been trying to put myself at ease by making work everyday and staying hopeful,” she tells It’s Nice That. “As a result of that I think I’ve made work that is more at peace now I look back at them.”

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