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Vintage Photographs of People Dressed Up in Christmas Tree Costumes

Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 1

Fashion is an integral part of the holiday season, from the classic and chic black dress, to the tacky sweaters, to the new outfits that we enjoy shopping for. Christmas fashion is as festive as turkey and eggnog. But some of these fashion choices are more curious than others.


Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 2

In the Edwardian, Titanic era, people had a strange obsession with dressing up as Christmas trees. And they did a very convincing job, too. The Christmas tree back then was adorned with lots of tinsel and homemade decorations. The modern, sleek, and shiny ornaments were not yet in vogue, and only businesses or the more savvy citizens had lights on their trees. Maybe the people wanted to make the Christmas tree more lively and fun. And what better way to do that than to become a Christmas tree yourself?

Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 3

It seems that everyone, from kids to adults, participated in this trend. It was similar to the “ugly sweater” competitions of today. The awkwardness and weirdness of the costumes were part of the appeal, and part of what made it “cool” and festive.

Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 4
Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 5
Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 6
Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 7
Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 8
Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 9
Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 10
Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 11
Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 12
Vintage Christmas Tree Costume 13

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