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This Guy Just Won The Selfie Stick Game Once And For All


Let’s be real. It’s humanly impossible to use a selfie stick without sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s just not a discreet accessory. So when it comes down to that definitive moment when you want to whip out the selfies stick, you’re presented with two options. One, you can awkwardly try to be subtle. Or two, you can own it like this Japanese man did.

h/t: Omocoro


He invented a colossal arm-extension selfie stick and it’s actually kind of amazing. Why carry a normal selfie stick when you can give yourself terrifyingly long arms like this guy?


As goofy as this contraption looks, it’s actually a brilliant way to meet strangers and make new friends. Just ask them to take a selfie with you and bam– instant friends!


We really look up to this guy and his selfie confidence. He’s inspired us to embrace the awkward tourist aesthetic because nothing screams “confidence” like a giant selfies stick.


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