Style Accessories Made From The Most Random Stuff You Can Find In Your Home By This Canadian Artist

It’s hard to pinpoint just how old fashion as a concept and phenomenon is, but one thing is for certain—it has been around for so long that it’s an inevitable part of any culture and society.

But, as is with most things, fashion too has been around for so long that it is becoming increasingly harder to come up with something new, something fresh.

Enter Gab Bois, Montreal-based artist who has been effectively reinventing fashion using everyday items. Bois’ ingenious ideas are featured in the curated list below, along with an interview with the mastermind herself.

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Gab Bois takes that which is mundane and ordinary and turns it into something that makes most people do a double take, bringing in a fresh way of seeing things. The photographer defamiliarizes ordinary household and other conventional items as fashion accessories, among many other things.

This includes everything from banana slippers and skull cap cereal bowls to pumpkin hats and a whole bunch of bras and purses, making for some surreal photography. Sure, it’s not all that practical for the most part, but it certainly captivates people with how surreal it looks as works of art.

“I was always into fashion, especially DIY fashion, even as a kid. I would help my mom remove the leaves from the corn cobs and then we would use them to make doll dresses. I’d also make flower necklaces for the neighborhood cats during my free time, little things like that,” Bois explained the origins of this idea.

“Being an only child and playing by myself, I was put into a position where I had to find ways to keep myself occupied, and I developed a huge interest in doing little crafts, so I can say a part of the work I do now still comes from that childhood interest and curiosity.”

“The process starts with an idea. Sometimes, it comes on its own, without me having to even think about it, but sometimes I sit myself down and brainstorm.”

“Then, production. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several days, depending on the complexity of the idea and its execution, and whether or not I get it right on the first try.”

“I then finish off with post-production. That part also varies in time and complexity but I always try to create as much of the concept in real life so I only polish off the image in post and don’t do any major editing work,” she told Bored Panda.

Art is a challenge in and of itself that can sometimes end up pulling an artist back to square one no matter how fleshed out it may look in your head. Bois considers some of the challenges she finds the hardest in her line of art:

“There are many times when an image I thought would look a certain way in my head doesn’t turn out that way at all. That’s definitely the most challenging part of trying to turn ideas and abstract concepts into three-dimensional objects or sets, because there’s only so much that you can plan in your head before trying it in real life.”

“Also, sometimes a concept that I think is super clear and makes so much sense is completely lost in translation when brought into a picture. It’s definitely frustrating when that happens, but that pushes me to be resourceful, think outside the box, and try again.”

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