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Honest Advice On Relationships And Life In General By This Balloon Artist

We all have that friend who pollutes our Facebook or Instagram feed. Now the actual toxic waste they spill might differ, but whether it’s cringy boomer comics or their very, very amateur nature photos, even the most mundane posts can become poisonous in huge amounts.

We usually try to distance ourselves from these people without actually confronting them; we unfollow them. But Michael James Schneider, a writer and artist living in Portland, Oregon, has found a more creative way to deal with them.

When he got fed up with the ridiculous amounts of balloons popping up on his social media feeds, Michael decided to point out how ridiculous they can be by becoming part of the cult.

“I try to make commentary about, or poke fun at, social media. The balloons were a social media trope often used in bridal showers and gender reveals, so they were a natural progression of that idea. I love the contrast of profound, funny, or challenging quotes spelled in silly balloons. And since another common cliche is endless selfies, I tend to put myself in most of the photos. They often make people cringe, but the cringe is the point,” Michael told Bored Panda.

More: Michael James Schneider, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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