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Exploring the Ethereal Beauty of John Anster Fitzgerald’s Fairy Paintings

Fairies In A Bird’s Nest

John Anster Fitzgerald, known as “Fairy Fitzgerald,” was a prominent Victorian fairy artist, celebrated for blending natural and supernatural elements in his work.

Born in London to poet William Thomas Fitzgerald, his Irish heritage deeply influenced his fascination with fairy folklore. Fitzgerald, a self-taught artist, exhibited at prestigious venues like the Royal Academy of Arts and was commissioned by ‘The Illustrated London News’ for Christmas fairy illustrations. His paintings, known for their surreal, eerie beauty and vivid colors, captivated and inspired, depicting a world where fairy beings interact with the human landscape.

Despite his public success, Fitzgerald was a private individual, enjoying solitude and mimicking actors at ‘The Savage Club’. His life took an interesting turn with the late 20th-century discovery of forgeries of his work by Robert Thwaites, highlighting Fitzgerald’s lasting impact on fairy art. Fitzgerald’s legacy continues to inspire fantasy artwork, with his imagination and Irish ancestry playing a significant role in his creations, including a notable piece on Alice in Wonderland exhibited in 1902.

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Fairies Looking Through A Gothic Arch

Fairy Hordes Attacking A Bat

Sea Sprites In Flight

The Fairy’s Barque

The Fairies’ Banquet

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Rabbit Among The Fairies

The Fairy’s Favourite

The Realms Of Fairydom

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