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Artist Creates Superheroes With AI To Help Fight Your Real Everyday Problems

Pollinator Man
A hero of Earth, and is sadly allergic to pollen.

According to Kevin Lamb: “Can’t reach that itch in the middle of your back? Can’t get that jar of pickles open? And you ran out of kitty litter again?

Never fear, as I have created everyday superheroes that fight real everyday problems, such as when you realize that you don’t have change for the parking meter. No worries, Change-For-The-Parking-Meter Man is on the job!

Coffee Woman always shows up at 3 pm. Fabric Softener Man fights to keep Static Electricity Man at bay, although he’s usually easy to spot as he has a pesky balloon or two always stuck to him.

I’m a photojournalist by trade, so it’s nice to create something fantastical and fictional after a hard day’s work capturing the real world around me.”

More: Kevin Lamb, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Coffee Woman

Jar Opener Man
Always popular with the ladies.

Mri Woman
She is a hero because that cancer won’t find itself.

Dishwasher Man

Contact Lens Woman
Finds them on the ground for you.

Pun Man
His alter ego is…well…me.

Cat Litter Man
Who is like Sandman, but with litter.

Fitted Sheet Woman
Fitted Sheet Woman

Teacher Woman
Will straighten out those little monsters.

Change-For-The-Parking-Meter Man
Has the coins you need.

Sleeping-In Man
He’ll save you tomorrow.

Buttered Toast Man
Because who doesn’t love toast?

Fabric Softener Man
Static Electricity Man’s nemesis.

Happy Man
Always annoying. His alter ego’s name is Ray O’Sunshine, of course.

Comfortable Shoes Man

Toad Man
Every gardener’s hero.

Back Scratcher Man
Has all the tools.

Static Electricity Man
An easy villain to spot with balloons stuck on him.

Mr. Kayakhead
Son of a famous Canadian, Mr. Canoehead.

I-Don’t-Know-What-Do-You-Want-To-Eat Woman
Is a formidable opponent.

Babysitter Man
Are they too much even for him?

Plunger Man

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