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Golden Age of Facial Hair: Cool Photos That Defined Beard Styles of Victorian Men

Beards have been around for as long as humans, but their cultural significance, associations and status has varied hugely throughout the centuries.


The style of keeping facial hair came up in the Victorian period. Men were usually clean shaven prior to the Victorian period. Beards were of different kinds during this period.

During the Victorian era, people who had no beards were not considered to be man enough. Facial hairs became a strong sign of manhood. As the Victorian age advanced they style of beard started changing. The beards become more pronounced as well as bushier.

Men with fashion and style in the Victorian age had to follow the beard style so that they can prove themselves to the society. These men wanted to become an important part of the society by following the current style of the society.

Here below is a set of cool vintage photos that shows what beard styles of men looked like during Victorian era.

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