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Russian Artist Creates A New Pin-Up Calendar Inspired By Classic Masterpieces Of Kustodiyev And Bilibin

“My name is Andrew Tarusov (previously), and I’m a pin-up artist. You’ve probably already seen my work on the Internet or maybe you have one of my calendars. And today I am presenting my new calendar about Beautiful Russia of the Future to you!

I have imagined a Russia where there will be no aggression, no intolerance towards some “other” people, where the main values will be love, mutual respect, understanding and freedom, where there will be no corruption and dirt, and money will be allocated for education and art, not for war.

We can call this genre “Russo-Futurism” jokingly, by analogy with the Afro-Futurism of the recently released film “Black Panther”. That is, this is not a futurism of the early twentieth century, but rather something new. The combination of high technologies of the future and native Russian culture.

Everyone says that Russia has its own way. I imagined it as such. Why not?

More: Andrew Tarusov, Instagram

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