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The Incredible Hyper-Realistic Spherical Paintings of Japanese Artist Daisuke Samejima


Daisuke Samejima is an incredibly talented Japanese artist, whose remarkable paintings look like they could be what you’d see through a fish-eye lens. While painting a three-dimensional object, animal or person on a flat canvas is challenging enough, imagine what it takes to do it on a spherical one. Not only does the artist need to make sure that the artwork looks convincing from any direction, they also need to adjust for the warping that comes with the shape of the canvas.

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Samejima hails from Hyogo, Japan, where he attended Tama Art University and went on to receive a Masters Degree in Art Science. Since then, the artist has been exhibiting his work across Japan, and even in London. His current series, titled “Flatball”, brings to life Google Street View-style suburban scenes, full of homes, roads, cars and blue skies, all with a 360-degree view. The pieces make viewers feel as if they’re looking at the world through a fisheye lens, and are as disorienting as they are captivating. Photos hardly do Samejima’s work justice, but fortunately there are videos to help capture their unique beauty.


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