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Amazing Vintage Illustrations Of Japanese Anthropomorphic Frogs and Toads

Tenjiku Tokubei by Toyokuni III in 1860.

The Japanese term “kimo-kawaii” means “cute and ugly,” often describing anthropomorphic frogs and toads in art.

Tenjiku Tokubei (1612-1692) inspired kabuki and literature, portraying him as a spell-caster transforming stones into giant toads. This influenced Kanwatei Onitake, creating Jiraiya, a ninja conjuring phantom frogs. Jiraiya starred in the folk tale Katakiuchi Kidan Jiraiya Monogatari, adapted into kabuki and various media. Matsumoto Hoji, a 19th-century artist, created notable frog woodblocks.

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Tenjiku Tokubei riding a giant toad.

Actor Onoe Tamizô II as Tenjiku Tokubei Artist Utagawa Kunisada I (Toyokuni III) (Japanese, 1786–1864), Publisher Kawaguchiya Uhei (Fukusendô) (Japanese) 1841 (Tenpô 12), 7th month.

Actor Onoe Eizaburo I as a Magician with a Giant Toad Woodblock print.

Toad Magic (with invisible ink) – 蝦蟇の妖術(あぶりだし絵、透明インク. Artist unknown, Japan.

Frog by Japanese artist Matsumoto Hoji from Meika Gafu, 1814

Toad and Mouse, late 18th – early 19th century Getsuju.

The Meditating Frog is a painting by the Japanese monk Sengai Gibon (1750–1837 CE), Edo period.

Sumō wrestling toads by Ohara Hōson 1930.

Frogs in Sumo Match, early 19th century Mori Shūhō

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