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‘Simpsons’ Characters Portrayed as Holocaust Victims at the Milan Shoah Memorial


On the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day, artist Alexsandro Palombo created two murals at Milan’s Shoah Memorial at Central Station (Binario 21). The murals “Track 21 The Simpsons deported to Auschwitz” depict the Simpson family being transported to Nazi concentration camps.

Roberto Jarach, president of the foundation, stated that the intention behind this art was appreciated, and not seen as particularly harmful. Hundreds of Jews were loaded onto livestock wagons from Track 21, headed to concentration camps such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, Mauthausen, Bergen-Belsen, Flossenbürg, Ravensbrück, Fossoli, and Bolzano. Track 21 is now a memorial to honor those who had to endure the atrocities of World War II.

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“Never Again” The Simpsons in Auschwitz
“There are images impressed in memory which we would like to erase. These should never be erased” — Alexsandro Palombo


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