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Beautiful And Tasty “Sushi Cakes” Are Now Very Popular In Japan

Have you ever seen Japanese “Sushi Cakes” (originally they were called “Oshi-sushi”.)? They are very popular in Japan right now. They look great and people enjoy both making and eating them.

Nowaday, people use cake pans and a greater variety of ingredients. So we started calling them “Sushi Cakes”.

You may think it’s difficult to make, but actually it’s quite easy!

Use a cake pan or any other deep dish. Place plastic wrap on the inside of the pan.

Layer sushi rice and ingredients one by one in the pan. I think two or three layers are the best.

Cover the rice with plastic wrap and press firmly. Put a weight on the top so that the rice and ingredients will stick together.

After 10-30 minutes, remove the wrap from the top, cover the cake pan with a large plate and turn it over. Remove the cake pan and plastic wrap slowly.

Decorate with seafood, vegetables, or eggs, and enjoy!

You can use smoked salmon, cucumber, cooked egg, avocado, tuna..anything you like!

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