14 Immortal Black And White Film Scenes Tastefully Colored By Austrian Artist

Buster Keaton in the film ‘The General’ (1926)

The exquisite and elegant beauty of monochrome film and photography is unparalleled. At the same time, it would be extremely curious and fun to see what some of the most iconic movie scenes in film history would look like in color, wouldn’t it?

If you agree with that sentiment, the works of Austrian photographer and photo editor Mario Unger (previously here, here and here) is just what the doctor prescribed to satiate that curiosity. The photo magician that he is, Mario meticulously colorized 14 of the most iconic film scenes and portraits of famous film personas, artists and musicians, and gave them new life.

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A scene from ‘Abbott And Costello Go To Mars’ (1953)

A scene from ‘You Only Live Once’ (1937) Featuring Sylvia Sidney and Henry Fonda

The Beautiful Grace Kelly in the film ‘Rear Window’ (1954)

Signed Autograph of Mary Pickford (c.1914)

A scene from ‘The Seahawk’ (1940) Featuring Errol Flynn

The Famous Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo at the age of 11 (1919)

A scene from the Movie ‘Their First Mistake’ (1932) with Laurel and Hardy

Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald in 1946 by William P. Gottlieb

A Scene from the Film ‘Stake Uncle Sam To Play Your Hand’ (1918) Featuring Mae Marsh in the Role of a Belgian Girl and A.C.Gibbons in the Role of a German Soldier

A scene from the film ‘The Big Sleep’ (1946) with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

Portrait of the Virtuous Fred Astaire

Portrait of Kay Aldridge

A scene from ‘Angel And The Badman’ (1947) with John Wayne and Gail Russel

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