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Winerelle Painting: Amazing Wine Arts by Sanja Jankovic

Young artist Sanja Jankovic used the wine as a new form of artistic expression. Here are its brief explains how and why does she do it: ““I’m always trying to turn everything around in the art. Wine was one of the ideas, I tried it and it was very cool.

It was also a challenge for my painting technique, becouse you are limited to values of red and purple tones, and of course work with this kind of “watercolor” requires little adjustment and patience. Also wine is a live thing in that it changes and develops over time. Just as it would age in the bottle, wine, too, ages on a canvas and transitioning its color into a more vintage feel. I use domestic and foreign wines, mainly Merlot and Rhone Riesling, nothing especially.. It seems to me that, at this moment, is a medium in which I can realize my full creativity I try to understand it and to give my best.” the Sanja says.

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“Winerelle, the mysterious art form you can actually toast with, is just like the material it is made of – simply delicious. And like wine, these paintings mature as if they were alive. Although permanent, the colour is slightly changing over time, yet it’s brilliant contrasts remain the same.”

Sanja graduated painting study program Bachelor with Honors of Fine Arts and Master of Painting. Currently developing creative skills in artistic painting practice. Acquired advanced knowledge and skills in historical and theoretical corpus of the development of visual arts, philosophy, general and applied aesthetics. Actively exhibiting in Serbia, Europe and China. Lecturer at Canadian University Dubai.

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