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The Superb Dark and Occult Art of Dylan Garrett Smith


Dylan Garrett Smith’s illustrations blend occult themes with natural elements, using materials like ashes, chalk-lead, and black cotton rag paper.

His work features striking, eerie depictions such as ram skulls entangled with writhing snakes and tiny human hands emerging from the bones of a decaying goat adorned with branches. The artwork also portrays ruminants, foxes, and birds transformed through decay and growth, often intertwined with other creatures, including the recurrent motif of serpents. Smith’s surreal themes are vividly brought to life with sharp white strokes against the stark blackness of the paper, creating a hauntingly beautiful contrast.

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[image] 232801
[image] 583501
[image] 687232
[image] 705074
[image] 923885
[image] 932854
[image] 1139704
[image] 1249863
[image] 2248663
[image] 2255157
[image] 2573892
[image] 2898581
[image] 2977613
[image] 3689797
[image] 3835057
[image] 3931997
[image] 4103775
[image] 4246176
[image] 4354608
[image] 4726299
[image] 4976322
[image] 5036858
[image] 5078777
[image] 5340902
[image] 5407212
[image] 5451223
[image] 5746512
[image] 6044573
[image] 6290727
[image] 6782837
[image] 6805592
[image] 7011809
[image] 7159701
[image] 7784374
[image] 7910151
[image] 7968280
[image] 8035793
[image] 8209445
[image] 8468116
[image] 8665216
[image] 9021353

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