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The Psyduck Pokemon Sexy Cosplay By Beautiful Helena Steele

Helena Steele (aka HJ Steele) is a model from St. Paul, Minnesota. A cosplayer by hobby, Helena began cosplaying in the fall of 2013 and her cosplay journey with a project called “Seasons of Ivy” that documented her interpretation of Poison Ivy’s changes throughout the seasons of the year. Besides that, she is best known for Borderlands Princess Peach.

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Outside of the cosplay world, she has studied a wide array of topics in college including criminal justice, computer forensics, and cosmetology before finally landing on a major of psychology. Her passions include volunteer work, animal care, and spending time with her eight amazing nieces and nephews.

Psyduck is a yellow Pokémon that resembles a duck or bipedal platypus. Three tufts of black hair grow on top of its head, and it has a wide, flat, cream-colored beak and vacant eyes. Its legs, arms, and tail are stubby and its webbed feet are cream-colored. There are three claws on both of its hands.

Psyduck is constantly stunned by its headache and is unable to think very clearly. It usually stands immobile, trying to calm its headache. However, when its headache becomes too severe, it releases tension in the form of strong psychic powers. The use of these powers produces brain waves identical to those seen in sleepers, and the Pokémon is unable to recall these episodes. Psyduck lives in freshwater lakes and small ponds, but can be seen in rivers in tropical areas.

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