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Relaxed and Calming Illustrations by Atey Ghailan, Taking Us Back to A Light-hearted Childhood


Atey Ghailan is concept artist and illustrator based in Los Angeles, California. He is currently working as a Senior Illustrator for video game developer, Riot Games.

More: Instagram, Artstation

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[image] 164353
[image] 276330
[image] 337127
[image] 372011
[image] 449245
[image] 684973
[image] 713748
[image] 908011
[image] 936383
[image] 983311
[image] 1146943
[image] 1201631
[image] 1328564
[image] 1359224
[image] 1373891
[image] 2544281
[image] 2671745
[image] 2711946
[image] 2953281
[image] 3101370
[image] 3363826
[image] 4279704
[image] 4743167
[image] 4751198
[image] 5176818
[image] 5270035
[image] 5478786
[image] 5502479
[image] 5671139
[image] 5961151
[image] 6075752
[image] 6187002
[image] 6229064
[image] 6418414
[image] 6597508
[image] 6695273
[image] 6919628
[image] 6984256
[image] 7487302
[image] 7598687
[image] 7710777
[image] 7819773
[image] 8064705
[image] 8339909
[image] 8501028
[image] 8672429
[image] 9007730
[image] 9212870
[image] 9382471
[image] 9553642
[image] 9738991
[image] 9936282
[image] 9991865

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