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A Shoe Doll That Belonged to a Child in the Slums of London, ca. 1905

1905 Shoe Doll 1

The fact that it was discovered in an Edwardian London slum around 1905, crafted from the heel of a man’s shoe, a black sock, and some scraps of household fabric, makes it both the most heartbreaking and marvelous of toys.

h/t: vintag.es

1905 Shoe Doll 2

This represents the highest form of recycling, showcasing the loving efforts of a family who couldn’t afford even the cheapest doll for their child. It’s remarkable that a homemade toy like this has survived for over a hundred years, thanks to Edward Lovett, who collected dolls from around the world to preserve local culture.

1905 Shoe Doll 3

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