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The Guide To Baby Sleep Positions: Survival Tips For Co-Sleeping Parents

Anyone who has tried to sleep with a baby is probably familiar with “The Snow Angel,” “The Booby Trap,” and “The Roundhouse Kick”; they’ve experienced these sleep positions even if they didn’t know their official names. Now, with The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions, new parents can identify exactly which bedtime contortions they’ve already mastered and perhaps preview some positions that baby hasn’t tried yet.

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Andy Herald and Charlie Capen are the talented dads behind the growing entertainment website Andy is a graphic designer and Charlie is an actor; together, they crank out a humorous stream of “anti-instructional” parenting content in the form of info-graphics, spoofy product ideas, and hilarious videos. All of their posts generate hundreds of “shares” across social media, but the Baby Sleep Positions stand out for garnering the biggest buzz.

The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions features some of the most popular posts on the site (we can’t leave out “H is for Hell” or “Jazz Hands”), but two-thirds of the content will be unique to the book, and ALL of the positions will be accompanied by new text.

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