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Stunning Examples of How Victorian Photographers “Retouched” Their Photographs

Victorian Photoshop 1

When it comes to photography, image alteration has long been prevalent. It is more than just a humorous reference to the past; a genuine airbrush was regularly employed on prints long before digital photography was even a glimmer in our eyes. The airbrush tool is more than just a fanciful reference to the past.

Tony Richards, a British photographer, began to take a closer look at fine albumen prints, which is when he first became interested in the Victorian touch-up technology. During the process of scanning the photographic plates that were used to create albumen prints, he discovered that the photographers had put touch-up marks on the emulsion side of the plates. He observes that this result was “quite possibly the opposite effect than that [which] was originally intended for the printed version.”


Victorian Photoshop 2
Victorian Photoshop 3
Victorian Photoshop 4
Victorian Photoshop 5
Victorian Photoshop 6
Victorian Photoshop 7
Victorian Photoshop 8
Victorian Photoshop 9

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