Disused Jets in U.S. Air Force ‘Graveyard’ given New Lease of Life by World’s Best Graffiti Artists

A cemetery of disused war planes in the scorching Arizona desert has been given a new lease of life – as part of an art project.
‘The Boneyard Project’ resurrects disused warplanes that lie in the famous Boneyard in Arizona by letting graffiti artists paint them. More than 30 of the world’s best urban artists worked on five ruined US Air Force jets, vividly bringing them back to life with paint and colour.

A painted Douglas DC-3 called ‘Phoenix of Metal’ by artists ‘HOW & NOSM’ and currently on display in Tucson.

Artist Saner has decorated part of a disused war plane to give it new life.

A painted Lockheed Jetstar called ‘Spy Tigers’ by Andrew Schoultz, painted in the Arizona desert.

A painted Beechcraft C-45 model airplane called ‘Naughty Angels’ by artist Faile, part of the one in a lifetime event.

A painted Douglas DC-3, called ‘Warning Shot’ reimagines the old military plane.

30 of the world’s best urban artists worked on the ruined jets to bring them back to life.

Andrew Shcoultz works on a Lockheed Jetstar airplane called ‘Spy Tigers’ in the heat of the Arizona desert.

A painted Douglas DC-3 Nose Cone called ‘Jerky Jermal’ by artist ‘Bast’ brings an old plane back to life.

A reinterpreted Douglas DC-3 entitled ‘Warning Shot’ by artist ‘RETNA’.

Some of the disused Boneyard planes took a few days to paint while others took weeks.

Artists were able to paint the whole exterior of the planes – and some chose to cover every last inch.

The intricate patterns require close attention to detail, with many of the Boneyard planes taking several days to complete.

Planes in the art project are brought back to life with vivid colours and images.

Most of the fighter jets sit in a patch of U.S. desert waiting to be used as spare parts for current models.

The discarded plane canvases will be on display until mid-May.

Some of the projects were collaborations between urban artists from all around the world.

Artist Retna leans against a graffiti-covered Douglas DC-3, called ‘Warning Shot’, which retains some elements of the United States flag.

Andrew Shcoultz is one of the 30 artists who painted disused planes as part of the innovative project.

Artists swapped walls for wings in the project aimed at resurrecting disused war planes in a new guise.

Squeezed up against each other, these B-52s are stored at what has been dubbed ‘The Boneyard’ in Arizona.

Google Earth image showing the 2,600 acre site, which is home to 4,200 aircraft. Of these, 80 per cent are used as spare parts for the current U.S Air Force flee.

Daily Mail / Barcroft Media

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