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Black Velvet Galaxy Nebula Cake


“Space cake” usually calls to mind images of shoddily packaged treats in an Amsterdam storefront or a well-intentioned birthday treat gone horribly wrong. But the time has come for you to step your space cake game up, thanks to this dessert work of art called the Black Velvet Nebula Cake.

h/t: highsnobiety, sprinklebakes


Since the baked good looks like an actual square of the cosmos cut from the sky to arrive on your plate, it is unsurprisingly a mildly difficult undertaking. A spread of tiny brushes, sea sponges and other minuscule baking tools are necessary to bring this black hole to life. But the cake is as rich as it is beautiful, being comprised of several kinds of chocolate cake, marshmallows and ganache.


If you’re brave enough to take on the task of creating the Black Velvet Nebula Cake yourself, take a look at the full recipe.


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