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Artist Richard Wilkinson Illustrates Imaginary Insects Inspired by ‘Spirited Away'”

“Sinefaciem Idolum”

Welcome to the world of hand-drawn imaginary insects inspired by the enchanting universe of “Spirited Away.” Richard Wilkinson, an artist and illustrator known as “Arthropoda Iconicus,” creates and animates insects inspired by various elements of pop culture.

Arthropoda Iconicus is a vast collection of artworks where Wilkinson illustrates imaginary insects, and occasionally other arthropods, that subtly resemble iconic specimens from popular culture. These could be characters from films or TV shows, vehicles, buildings, shoes, or even bags.

In his latest collection, Wilkinson pays homage to Studio Ghibli’s masterpiece, “Spirited Away.” Each piece in this series is a tribute to the magical and whimsical world created by Hayao Miyazaki, reflecting the essence and spirit of the beloved film. Join in exploring this captivating intersection of entomology and pop culture, bringing to life insects that celebrate the creativity and imagination of “Spirited Away.”

More: Richard Wilkinson, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

“Raphanus Magnalbus”

“Electro Acula”

“Hydromagister Electroflumen”

“Kaminus Kasamus” And “Fuligo Spiritu”

“Bos Gigaparvulus”

“Spiritu Anatis”

“Lenis Auxiliator”

“Personatus Nobiles”

“Kapitis Viridis”

“Bona Avia” And “Malus Avia”

“Spiritu Avempapyro”

“Perdita Terrena”

“Perdita Anima”

“Porcus Pater’ And ‘Porcus Mater”

“Musca Cornix” And “Giganteus Mus”

“Balneator Sp.”

“Speculor Avis”

“Lucerna Prosilit”

“Bosgigas Sp.”

“Flumen Spiritus”

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