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Photoshop Troll Who Takes Photo Requests Too Literally Strikes Again


There are few photo editors on the internet who have made as big of a splash with their witty antics as British graphic designer James Fridman, Photoshop troll and wizard extraordinaire. Odds are that you’ve scrolled past one of his hilarious photo edits on social media without realizing that it’s him working his magic behind the screen.

James has become notorious for taking photo editing requests far, far too literally. Remember that episode from ‘The Simpsons’ where the family find and use a monkey’s paw to grant wishes, but they’ve all got twists to them? Well, that’s exactly what it’s like asking James for help! He takes requests very literally and it leads to all kinds of shenanigans. Of course, it’s all done with a smile and for the sake of some great humor.

More: James Fridman, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter h/t: boredpanda


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