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Creative Dad Turns His 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Sayings Into Hilarious Illustrations


Kids say the craziest things, so this clever dad, Martin Bruckner, decided to turn the sayings of his 3-year-old daughter, Harper Grace, into illustrations. Originally, he started the project as a Mother’s Day gift to his wife, however it now turned into a popular tumblr blog “Spaghetti Toes.”

His daughters ingenious thoughts isn’t the only inspiration – conversations with toddlers often result in weird phrases from the adults as well. “Spaghetti Toes” name itself comes from his wife saying to their daughter “Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes” at the dinner table. Martin asked his wife, “Did you actually just say those words?” and Spaghetti Toes was born.


“At least she’ll grow up to be a well adjusted human being!”


“Lap honey.. you sit on Santa’s Lap… she did eventually get it right.”


“Who knew that the answer to the age old question of stomach distress was cheeseballs.”


“Not sure how make-believe got thrown in here but this would make for a fun battle.”


“Lots to take in here. I think my favorite part is that this was actually a question. She has some strange infatuation with stuff being $60. Example: Ketchup in the store is $60. So is a new furnace. Interesting”


“I’ve recently been doing some custom orders for people. Here’s one of them!”


“She was blasting this out in full 1980’s power ballad style in her room the other day. Cool song.”


Via Bored Panda

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