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Dystopian Tokyo at Night in Captivating Photos by Takaaki Ito


Exploring a city can be uniquely insightful through the lens of photographers who traverse its streets at night, capturing stunning and spontaneous images.

Takaaki Ito, known on Instagram as @301_2015, delves into the urban landscape of Tokyo. His photography is distinguished by a cyberpunk style and is saturated with neon lights. Takaaki captures everything from towering skyscrapers to narrow alleys, offering a vivid portrayal of the city’s dynamic streets.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

[image] 113024
[image] 792443
[image] 796676
[image] 823758
[image] 1353327
[image] 1446177
[image] 1455996
[image] 2110906
[image] 2519043
[image] 2755988
[image] 2941889
[image] 2981001
[image] 3089726
[image] 3283326
[image] 3323699
[image] 4868148
[image] 4933673
[image] 5273837
[image] 5683122
[image] 6098600
[image] 6127605
[image] 6354462
[image] 6909062
[image] 6938905
[image] 7024738
[image] 7116369
[image] 7573396
[image] 7729260
[image] 7776343
[image] 7817156
[image] 7846069
[image] 8131935
[image] 8379859
[image] 8782545
[image] 9550002
[image] 9618488
[image] 9685357
[image] 9819584

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