21 Historical Photos That Prove The World Has Changed Dramatically

School dance in the 1950s

Meunderwears / reddit

Just imagine how fast our world is changing! Even 50 years ago life was very different. Online banking and portable computers didn’t exist, and fashion didn’t change that fast. Maybe that’s why nowadays it is so interesting to see vintage photos. They always seem to put that nostalgic, cute smile on our faces.

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Getting a facial from an ice machine, the 1950s


Parade of athletes, 1938

History of Russia and its people / vk

Nonresident alien border ID, 1943

Lajwah70 / reddit

Futuristic car design by Bob Riley


Vladimir Zworykin demonstrates the electronic television in 1929

Smithsonian Institution / commons.wikimedia.org

A stewardess takes a cheetah for a walk at the Amsterdam airport in 1961

Anefo / commons.wikimedia.com

Atlas space station in 1958


NASA scientists pose with their board of calculations

SirPaulMcCartney_ / reddit

United Air Lines in 1930


Apple’s first product, invented by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

Ed Uthman / commons.wikimedia.org

Contestants in the 1930 Miss Lovely Eyes beauty pageant in Florida are wearing masks to obscure the rest of their faces

getty images

Wives and members of the Philadelphia Elks are at a gym exercise class in 1930

getty images

Getting a pilot’s license in the 1940s

jpgrandsam / reddit

Children sleep in the open air after lunch at a maternity hospital in Moscow in 1958

qasqaldag 3 / reddit

First selfie, 1900

unknown / commons.wikimedia.org

An audience wearing special glasses watches a 3D “stereoscopic film” at the Telekinema on the South Bank in London during the Festival of Britain in 1951

The National Archives UK / commons.wikimedia.com

Permanent Wave Machine, 1935


Futuristic technologies from the past


Atomic nuclear crater after nuclear testing

Atomic Energy Commission / commons.wikimedia.com

Dancing classes in the Soviet Union


Bonus: Berlin in 1945 and today

Michael M. Dean (Canada. Dept. of National Defence/Ministère de la défense nationale) / commons.wikimedia.com / depositphotos

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