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This Travel Account Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

The internet is choke-full of travelers. There are bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram influencers, and they all focus on tourism, adventure, lifestyle, and photography, so standing out is pretty difficult. But this one Instagram account has found an ingenious way to do just that, with creativity, humor and a hefty amount of nostalgia.

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Wallyfound (previously) is an anonymous IG travel account with a special twist. Anyone who grew in the nineties probably remembers Where’s Wally, a unique children’s puzzle book series. Each page of each book was packed full of intricate drawings, among which the reader had to find the books’ hero, the stripe-loving, bespectacled Wally.

The series was so popular that it became an international bestseller and was translated into numerous languages. In many countries, Wally’s name was changed to maintain the alliteration of the series title – he was renamed Willy, Uolie, Walter, and Waldo.

Wallyfound took that natural phenomenon and turned it into the most adorable travel account on the web. In each and every photo, we see a man dressed just like Wally, facing away from the camera, usually with some sort of cultural or historical landmark as a backdrop.

There’s very little we can gather about the person behind this account, as he does his best to stay anonymous. But what we do know is that he’s probably a traveler with a great sense of humor and a unique sense of style.

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