The Winning Photos From The UK’s Best Sea View Photography Competition 2019

National maritime charity, the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, has revealed the eagerly awaited results of its seventh annual photography competition, showcasing images relating to all aspects of the UK’s historic relationship with the sea.

Having reviewed more than 800 fantastic entries, the judges decided to award Laurence Hartwell the prize for overall winner for 2019, with his entry ‘Landing Mackerel’, which captures a bird’s-eye view of a fisherman with his catch, taken in the port of Newlyn, Cornwall. The image won the amateur photographer a £500 ($600) prize voucher for photographic equipment.

“Landing Mackerel”, by Laurence Hartwell, which is the Overall Winner of the UK’s ultimate sea view photography competition. (Photo by Laurence Hartwell/PA Wire Press Association)

More: Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society

“Jet Rides”, by Stanley Pearson, which has been highly commended the Recreation category. (Photo by Stanley Pearson/PA Wire Press Association)

More: Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society

“Sunrise Through The Wave”, by John Alderson, which has won the People category. (Photo by John Alderson/PA Wire Press Association)

“Heading for Harbour”, by Gary Richardson, which has been highly commended the Ships and Wrecks category. (Photo by Gary Richardson/PA Wire Press Association)

“Keeping things running safely”, by Laurence Hartwell, which has been highly commended in the People category. (Photo by Laurence Hartwell/PA Wire Press Association)

“Fate of the Mersey Ferry”, by Amanda Burgess, which has won the Ships and Wrecks category. (Photo by Amanda Burgess/PA Wire Press Association)

“Wild Seas”, by Mark Dobson, at Gwithian, Cornwall, which has won the Coastal Views category. (Photo by Mark Dobson/PA Wire Press Association)

“Sunrise over The Cobb”, by Noel Bennett, which has been highly commended in the Coastal Views category. (Photo by Noel Bennett/PA Wire Press Association)

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