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The Detailed and Miniature Paintings by Yana Khachikyan


Yana Khachikyan creates miniature paintings, driven by a belief that details make perfection. She strives for excellence in her miniatures, focusing intently on the intricate details that she considers crucial, as they captivate the viewer’s attention.

The process of painting miniatures demands a high level of precision, capturing minute details which is inherently challenging. This art form requires meticulous planning and execution on a small canvas. Yana has even experimented with painting on sunflower seeds, where there is no room for random brush strokes. Each painting session is a blend of curiosity and excitement for her. She particularly enjoys working with natural stones, which is a key reason for her deep attachment to this style of painting.

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[image] 451392
[image] 758285
[image] 1758703
[image] 2163385
[image] 2173780
[image] 2296720
[image] 2884828
[image] 3005517
[image] 3977346
[image] 3995216
[image] 4127376
[image] 4247923
[image] 4595827
[image] 4693023
[image] 4724317
[image] 4843671
[image] 5028250
[image] 5067745
[image] 6529671
[image] 6709569
[image] 7305015
[image] 7317454
[image] 7461927
[image] 7502943
[image] 7787132
[image] 8301803
[image] 8306202
[image] 8505503
[image] 9035769
[image] 9102565
[image] 9568280
[image] 9622393
[image] 9777928
[image] 9868663

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