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Artist Started Recreating Famous Paintings Together With Her Dog During Quarantine, And They’re Still Going Strong Two Years Later

Whistler’s Mother, 1871 By James Mcneill Whistler vs. Whistler’s Mother, 2022

Many of the greatest art pieces in the history of art were in some form influenced by another great art piece, while that other art piece was influenced by yet another. You get the point: art influences art, art creates more art. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, consider these famous paintings very flattered, for even to this day, they keep having an influence over new artists.

Eliza Reinhardt, an artist and her muse dog Finnegan, or Finn, for short, were like many others when lockdowns came: the uncertainty and boredom really inspired them to do something creative and fun to pass the time. And when the Getty Museum issued a challenge to recreate famous art pieces with one’s own original means, the duo answered to this challenge in full. Even 2 years later, they’re still going at it!

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Salome With The Head Of Saint John The Baptist, First Half Of 16th Century By Bernardino Luini, vs. Safinn With The Head Of Saint Eliza The Baptist, 2022

Here’s how Eliza introduced herself, her dog, and their mission: “I’m Eliza Reinhardt and my dog is Finnegan (Finn for short) – we are originally from Iowa, but we’re currently living in Texas! I’m a painter by trade and when the pandemic hit I was laid off of my jobs so I was going to just paint at home, but Finn wanted to ‘help’ me. I needed to come up with a project that he could be included in so I saw that the Met and Getty Museum were doing this challenge as a way to keep people involved in the museum/online collection! We did one and both of us loved it so we never really stopped. (we’ve done almost 450 now). Finn is a working breed (Australian shepherd) so he takes these photos as his ‘job.'”

Girl With A Pearl Earring, 1665 By Jan Vermeer, vs. Girl With A Pearl Earring, 2022

Though it may look like a joke, it takes time to set up a good shot. And the process is constantly evolving. “Maybe a year ago it would take me anywhere from 4-8+ hours to do these, but because we’ve done so many I kind of have a hang of it so it moves a bit quicker! I can usually get them done in under 3 hours if I’m lucky – there are some days when it takes 4+ but that would be because it’s really big or because my day is really busy (I work full-time on top of doing these + running my Etsy shop + being Finn’s full-time mother, hahahah).”

The Man With The Glacier Eye, 1928 By Dörte Clara Wolff vs. The Man With The Glacier Eye, 2021

“In the beginning I would look through collections every morning and pick, but we’ve done 450 different ones now so I have to be a bit more selective. I went to art school and I try and do artists I love or works that draw me in, I’m not too interested in doing works that don’t speak to me because that takes the fun out of it. For the past year and a half I’ve been focusing on works by women – trying to share their stories, share their works and give them the credits that they probably didn’t get back in the times of white male artists dominating the art world!”

Head Of A Skeleton With A Burning Cigarette, 1886 By Van Gogh vs. Head Of A Skeleton With A Burning Joint, 2022

Once you do something enough times, you tend to get better, and these painting recreations are no different in this regard. “I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the past two years, I have a select arsenal of items that I go back to and I kind of have a hang of how to do it most efficiently. I will just use things I have around the house, clothes, things from my studio, linens, etc. I’ve gotten pretty crafty and also will paint backgrounds or props if need be! Finn is incredible, as a working breed they need a job in order to feel like they have accomplished a ‘task’ in their day. He works so hard to please me and will do absolutely anything. He’s outstanding as a dog, but also the breed is just incredible!”

Saturn, 1636 By Rubens vs. Saturn, 2022

Et Lille Barn, S.d. By Lilli Lundsteen vs. A Small Child, 2021

Self Portrait, 1888 By Vincent Van Gogh vs. Self Portrait, 2022

The Starry Night, 1889 By Vincent Van Gogh vs. The Starry Night, 2022

Operários, 1933 By Tarsila Do Amaral vs. Workers, 2022

Carrés Magiques Tapestry, Ca. 1979 By Sonia Delaunay vs. Tapestry 💛💙, 2022

Liten Flicka Som Lyssnar I En Telefonlur, S.d. By Jenny Nyström vs. Little – Ish Girl Listening To A Telephone, 2021

Death And Life, 1911 By Gustav Klimt vs. Death And Life, 2021

Frühlingsbouquet Mit Anemonen, Mimosen Und Narzissen In Einer Blauen Vase, 1965 By Gerhild Diesner vs. Spring Bouquet With Anemone, Mimosa And Daffodils In A Blue Vase, 2022

Brunnhilde, S.d. By Susan Herbert vs. Brunnhilde, 2021

Self Portrait, S.d. By Constance Mayer vs. Self Portrait, 2022

One Black Cat, 1964 By Maud Lewis vs. One Black Cat, 2022

L’espagnole, S.d. By Jacqueline Marval vs. The Eliza, 2022

Putting Up Her Hair, 1891 By Lucy Lee Robins vs. Putting Up Her Hair, 2021

The False Mirror, 1929 By René Magritte vs. The False Mirror, 2022

Windless Day, 1967 By Anna Günter vs. Windless Day, 2021

Helianthus Annuus, 1772-1782 By Mary Delaney vs. Great Sunflower, 2022

Power Of Death, 1889-1890 By William Holbrook Beard vs. Power Of Death, 2022

Dance Of The Little Swans, S.d. By Dance Of The Little Swans, S.d. Dance Of The Little Finns, 2022 Susan Herbert vs. Dance Of The Little Finns, 2022

Portrait Of Bianca Lucia Aliprandi, Ca. 1602 By Lavinia Fontana vs. Portrait Of Fiannca Aliprandi, 2022

Black Vase With Flowers, 2010 By Mary Fedden vs. Black Vase With Flowers, 2022

Flora, 1588 By Giuseppe Arcimboldo vs. Flora, 2022

Peasant Woman With Dark Bonnet, 1885 By Vincent Van Gogh vs. Peasant Woman With Dark Bonnet, 2022

Autoportrait, 1887 By Vincent Van Gogh vs. Self-Portrait, 2021

Open Window, Collioure, 1905 By Henri Matisse vs. Open Window, 2022

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