Top Secret USB

The Top Secret USB is the outcome of a remarkable cooperation between the young Dutch designers Rob Hermes and Marlies Romberg both owner of Studio Her-berg.

The object is made of high quality porcelain, finished off with a beautifull wax stamp containing the logo of Her-berg. A TopSecret USB is delivered in a beautifull crafted cardboard box with laser cutted text.

Digitization is in full progress. Slowly almost all analog information is being transferred to a digital medium. The Top Secret usb stick is meant to be one of such modern mediums. On it, memories can be stored that deserve more than just a digital folder on a desktop computer.

Such dear and beautiful memories as a diary, baby-pictures, a wedding album. The Top Secret usb stick is also suitable for a business message, like a contract, a manual or a business quote.

Besides the original white porcelain version there is also a black variant. Either one is available with red, orange, pink, blue or green wax seal. We also make Top Secret usb sticks for special occasions, like for a wedding: white with a silver wax seal.

The top secret usb sticks in lightblue or pink are designed as a gift for a newborn. All usb sticks are sealed standard with the original Top Secret ‘TS’ logo. There is the possibility of choosing your own design, letters or images. The Top Secret usb sticks are available with either 2, 4 or 8 gigabytes of memory.

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