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100-Year-Old Church Given New Life As Mesmerizing Skate Park With Vibrant Murals


Okuda San Miguel (aka Okudart) has transformed a historic church in Llanera, Spain into a colorful haven for skateboarders. Created in collaboration with La Iglesia Skate park and Red Bull, the artist covered the interior sanctuary in vibrant colors and patterns that match the intensity of the sport.


The project is titled Kaos Temple, and construction on it started and finished earlier this month. Miguel began by painting around the windows and over the vaulted ceilings, leaving no area untouched. Everywhere you turn, there’s a mesmerizing sight to behold. Faceted faces and geometric portraits of animals gaze down from the center of the room, while rainbows and color gradients line the curve of the arches.


After the painting was complete, the ramps were built in place. It’s here that the site takes its final form: a visually inspiring and welcoming locale where skateboarders can grind their favorite tricks. And when they’re not on the ramps, Kaos Temple includes seating to admire and explore all that Miguel’s work has to offer.

h/t: mymodernemt, designboom. Photo credits: Red Bull, La Iglesia Skate, Lucho Vidales, eduardorivasphotography, Rubén Pomares

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