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This Artist Takes Pictures of People Right After Kissing Them

“Unexpected.” Well… That was unexpected.

“Stunned.” We don’t know what’s going through her head, but she seems stunned!

“No Discrimination.” Yep, he did this with EVERYONE. Good job!

“Rashida.” Is that Rashida Jones? She sure looks like it!

“Happy.” This guy was really happy to be a part of this experiment.


“I’m just hoping people have an experience, make up their own story, ask some questions about kissing and what it means” says Jedediah.

“Meryl.” This bombshell looks like a young Meryl Streep.

“Two For The Price of One.”

Jedediah says he wants you to ask yourself: “If Jedediah can kiss anybody, does that mean I can kiss anybody?”

“Smile.” She’s all smiles!

“Carried Away.” With so many beautiful people, it’s hard not to get carried away…

“Reception.” Every subject seems to be very receptive of his work.

“Gwen.” She looks like a younger Gwen Stefani!

“Nice Lipstick.” He kissed all races, shapes, ages and genders…

“Eyes.” Look at those beautiful eyes!

“Babiy.” “You wanna make out with my baby, don’t you?”

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